Welcome creatures! To the web's FIRST Dota 2 website!*


This page is perpetually under construction, but most sections are done, so explore around! Updates are slow going because I am busy. Busy doin' what?


That said, I HAVE been dedicating an embarrassing amount of time to this here website, so... pretty please sign the guestbook, let me know what you think of it?


06.01.2023 - Happy New Year! I've been working on a new section, the Dota Secret Santa. It's not ready yet, but the 2022 section is finished, you can check it out!

26.12.2022 - To close the year, I posted my part of the Secret Santa art trade in the gallery. Hope everyone had good holidays, onto 2023!!

13.12.2022 - HEY! IT'S TIMBERSAW'S 10TH BIRTHDAY! GO CHECK OUT THE NEW ILLUSTRATION CELEBRATING IT! Right here~ Oh, there's also a new section, but it's empty for now. Sorry!

07.12.2022 - I've added some links in the links section to some Dota2 artists. Check them out! I'm hoping to finish this website completely this month!

26.11.2022 - Check out the toybox section, I added two new links, one of which leads to a cool little game! Oh, also, I switch Timbersaw and Enigma around (the pixel ones you see on the sidebars) because Timber was making it hard to scroll, lol...

18.11.2022 - New link in the toybox section. I am usually very busy this time of the year, so don't expect many updates...

01.11.2022 - New video playlist on the toybox section. Have fun perusing old YouTube Dota videos!

31.10.2022 - Happy Halloween! There's new stuff in the for you section: blinkies, and my Miitopia Dota2 Miis!

26.10.2022 - Check out the cute creeps at the top here! Ah, I also tweaked some pages, nothing major. Most links are working now, explore around!

17.10.2022 - There's a landing page now!

16.10.2022 - The for you section is now available, although not everything is in it yet. But check it out anyway! I've also cleaned up the code a little, and added a link in the Links and Credits page.

14.10.2022 - The gift art gallery is now running! Go there to check out what other talented artists have gifted me throughout the years~. Beware though, there's one NSFW drawing.

05.10.2022 - There's a new drawing in the gallery (in the 2022 section) and I've upgraded some graphics and fixed some links. Still basically cleaning this up. Hey, don't forget to sign my guestbook to motivate me!

04.09.2022 - Still hard at work uploading everything onto the gallery. I drew a lot of trash over the years...

01.09.2022 - Been working on the gallery! Go check it out! There's also some new text in some sections, but who cares.

31.08.2022 - I, huh, logged in and corrected some typos lol. Still haven't had the time to add all I'd like. Also, you losers still haven't signed my guestbook. Reported.

08.04.2022 - Site launched! At this stage, it was just a meme repository for my friends.